frame oil fix

See heres my problem. It really sucks to. Now me and my dad took aprat the frame oil filter down under the skid plate of my wr250f 2003. We put it back together but for some reason it keeps leaking a lot of oil. I think its comeing from the clothe sleve that is put over it. know if u were looking at the bike from the front it is the left tube im have a problem with. Please someone help me because its really pissing me off. thank you

What it sounds like your talking about the Brake Lines???

Well with any Oil lines, Holes(Drain hole also) there are two copper washers for lines(brakes) and one for each oil drain plug that MUST be replaced after the bolt has been loosened/removed. EX: The oil drain plug on the bottom has a crush washer to make a good seal(like a gasket). Some times you get off lucky and can reuse it. BUT I wouldn't!!! That would cause oil to leak.

To find the correct washers you need look at the service manual for this bike at:


Have any other question please tell more details about your problem ...

If you need to reuse your copper washers you can aneal the old ones by heating them with a blow torch and dunking them in water. Thats what you should do if the washer was the problem.

Huh? I haven't replaced either of my copper oil plug washers since I bought my bike, which was 15 to 20 oil changes ago. I haven't had any problems, but I could see how you could have issues with the brake line, which is at much higher pressure.

I also have never replaced a copper crush washer and have no oil leaks. Good tip on the anealling. I'd recheck all your connections--there are so many perhaps you neglected to tighen one all the way. Also, perhaps you got a small piece of dirt between the washer and engine or frame. Simply loosening and retightening may fix the leak. On that frame strainer--I checked mine twice the first few oil changes and found it never needed cleaning. Even after my fly wheel rivets loosened and filled my case full of shavings, there wasn't any metal in the frame strainer. The normal filter on the side was packed with shavings. It was also packed full of shavings after going 740 miles on the MCCCT ride this summer--but some of that was from clutch too I bet. I checked the frame strainer again just to be sure--it was clean.

Sound slike he is leaking at the hose connection for the frame filter, not the drain plug.

They are hard to get aligned properly since it rigidly fixed at the motor. Try to re-clamp the hose. Also, make sure it isn't leaking down where you loosen it from the motor.

thanks all i am having the same problem with mine @ the frame screen fitting, ill have to loosen and retighten it... :thumbsup:

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