New 2005 Beta 450RR $5999??

There is a dealership near me selling the RR450 for $5999 OTD. Should I take a real good look at this bike at that price? Currently on a 01 DRZ 400k but looking for something newer etc. Anyone know much about this bike? Are these dualsport with lights signals etc?

Which dealership? Well to answer your question... Yes, take a look at the bike because they are like $8500+- MSRP + tax/license/etc. What little I do know of these bikes is as follows: the engine is an older KTM design (= good engine) although I heard they are running different gearing, about 260lbs., fuel capacity- approx. 2.25 gal., Marzocchi suspension (good), and they look pretty cool and seem to do well in the reviews. Whew... Anyway, at least get in a test ride, then you'll know if you like the bike, and even if you don't you'll still have some fun and be able to tell your friends that you've ridden an RR450 because there's a good chance they'll never get to. Anything else?

I paid $6300 earlier this year from Beaverton Honda. It is an awesome deal on that bike. I got one of the bikes that was already licensed so I could get it plated in Washington. It has been a great bike so far.

BUY IT!!! you will love it.

Man - bite his hand off!

We run Beta 450RR's at our off-road business here in Spain, along with CRF230's and they're great bikes.

Slightly more grunt than a 450EXC KTM (same motor, so no reliability/service worries), better brakes and suspension etc etc.

They're £4000 in the UK which I guess is about double in dollars, so anything less is a bargain.

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