Super Trapp Disc's #

After many RFVc bikes that have been abused like red headed step children and still come back for more.....

I was reading a post about noise and safety from loud pipes.

Yes, I am a noise polluter with my pig and my Supertrapp.

I tried dropping a couple of disc's today and did some packing of light batting in very end of the rear plate the tail.

I was just not a happy camper with the performance of my (Leanest Of All Time Burning Machine).

I am using 5 Disc's now (down from six) with the last solid plate and then the block off cap with stock jetting, a 152 main I believe..... never messed with the carb, other then the bottom screw to do what it could.

What are the options available to me at this point? Including "the minimalist" amount of cash and with greatest potential of self mechanical aptitude combined with the proper advise? Any takers on this one? :thumbsup:

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