anyone from Sac Town to OC??????

I am looking for someone coming from Sacramento to Orange County that can bring my bike! Name your price! Thanks

i will do it for 1k

serious though. I am looking for a reason to drive to sd to see the sister

I cannot afford 1K

what kind of bike is it?

Yz 250 F

When do you need it by? I am going down there the 1st week of Nov to race the AMA SM Nationals....

price of gas and a ride :thumbsup:

Thanks Novaman. I would like to get it by mid October so I think I will have to get up there sooner or later. How is your Nova coming? I just lowered mine the other day and tooks some pics. Do you have any of yours?


sic nova...i've got a black 67' 2dr sedan and that pic just gave me a little movement...

Thanks Tom, Do you have any pictures?

I'll do it for 999.00 best price all day. :thumbsup:

j/k PM me I have a buddy coming up from SD second week in Oct. I'm sure he'd like some gas money. I'll give you his email.

If all else fails, me and the wife are dragging our trailer of "Moms" crap to Long Beach in the first week of November.

Just trying to help if I can.

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