Tera Flex Tires

Do you mount that monster yourself or have a shop do it? If you do mount it yourself is any harder to get on the rim than something like a 606?

I take the rim off the bike and "shop" it for $20

I figure I would spend more on irons and time, rather toss a deserving tech a 20 spot and be done. I know the last guy who mounted one for me struggled with the thing for like 30min..lol

He was a new guy and the other techs were bustin his chops pretty good.

I know I am getting old (almost 42) and cant see like I could when I was 20...but them pics is dinky mang'


my brp sees nothing but desert no street at all. so i think i'm going to try my buddies terraflex and see how i like it compared to the desert it's we'll see if i can notice a weight difference.

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