'07 Husaberg styling?

http://www.motoblog.it/uploads/HusabergEnduro.jpg Just want to know what you all think about the new 'Berg graphics. I don't think I care for them too much; the red on the number plate clashes and the design makes no sense, also the flames are a little...um, how do I say this..."trailer park"?

Any of you disagree? C'mon I dare 'ya!

It kinda looks like two sets of graphics pieced together. The flames and such wouldn't be that bad if they ran on to the numbers plates or something, but that red is just way outta place. Oh well, thats what aftermarket kits are for.

Looks like they bought some stickers from Pep-Boys that didn't match. In a word.....FUGLY!

Yeah, I guess that's what I meant. The graphics as a whole just don't work. Visual dissonance.

ooihh who cares about the styling when the things melt ...........the new ones 650 have a fan :thumbsup::lame::p I bet they still melt like my 05. 2 rebuilds in 12 months ...these bikes are no good....

don't buy a berg .............. buy what everyone (who is not a dealer ) buys. :bonk::eek: that's good advice.

I love the styling of the 07 Bergs

I like the look of the front fender graphics, if they weren't flames that is. If the tank flames were solid like the '03 that'd be ok too. The red sucks.

saw one in person, like the red, the flames eh can take it or leave it, makes my 06 styling look classic now.

I hate the styling, it's as SRT426 says: looks like two kits pieced together.

The flames would be good in custom decal kit but not stock. The red is awful as well.

Are the bikes supposed to be blue, yellow and... red now?

It reminds me of the '91 RM's.

Man..not good..they are messing up a really good looking bike..flames are about the chintziest way to try and jazz up a look....that look has been arouund since the 40's....glad I bought my '06..and by the way, have had zero problem out of it..

You can always peel the offending colored decals off the plastic.

Reminds of the early 90's 'bergs. Yellow, blue, gray and black. Fugly for sure. They got real bad just prior to the 2000 revision when they added that lime green color. I think that is the year they went to the current body work which hasn't changed since then. My 2002 501 looked pretty good and I thought 'berg's still looked good as recently as 2006. But it looks like they are in need of completely different plastic but can't afford new molds so they are going with new colors instead. Nice bikes, ugly colors.


I'm not to keen on the RED myself. I guess I'm partial to the way my 05 looks.

It reminds me of a hot wheels car... :thumbsup:

Here is some gibber jabber that I gleaned off of a German site. The translation is a little garbled :thumbsup: ...

* With the Force festival was spoken about the appearing then allegedly completely new Husaberg. Small bird twitter which of nem aluminum framework and differently inserted engine, injection and possibly the new in the LC 4 blocked clutch

PeSe: Dat is ne question, thus calmly blood and material remain

* with the festival I did not hear anything, but of a Husaberghändler. He does not know more details also yet,

but the 2008er will change substantial.

* Yesterday it already meant in other place to drive perhaps however only to 2009 anyhow still enough time my ausgiebeig.

Here is the original link http://www.supermoto.de/php/phpforum/showthread.php?id=35079

These fellas seem to have caught some info at this "force festival" they speak of... Could it be true? The two seem to corraborate each other on the info.

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