2004 CRF450R Suspension

I rode on my buddies new 2006 YZ450 in this past weekend and the biggest difference between his bike and my 2004 CRF450R was the suspension. I jumped the same jumps on both bikes and mine was definitely landing much harder and now both of my front forks are leaking. Has anyone else had this problem and how can I make my suspension land softer, im an idiot when it comes to suspension. Anyone have any input on this situation for me??

First of all, you need new fork seals. If your forks are leaking, the seals need replaced. That should be obvious. On the feel of your suspension, more information is needed. How much do you weigh? What is your ability level? Do you ride primarily motocross, trails, freestyle? The stock Honda 450 suspension is for a rider about 175-185 pounds. If you vary from that very much at all, you will benefit greatly from lighter or stiffer springs. Also, have you set your sag on the rear shock? This will help the overall feel and handling of the bike. It can also ruin the handling and bottoming resistance of the bike if it is not set properly. On my 06, I found that for me, about 98 mm of sag in the rear make the bike turn on a dime, and still has no sign of headshake on the straightaways. This is personal preference however. Anywhere between 95 and 110 mm of sag could be considered "normal". Hope this helps.

Turn your clickers clockwise a couple clicks at a time at the track until your forks work better. Read the manual on compression/ rebound settings and follow Shad 450's advice about setting the sag correctly.

I weigh about 170 lbs and i mostly ride tracks with lots of jumps

By the way you sound, I'm willing to bet that the suspension has never been serviced on your bike. That alone will make them feel like crap. Service atleast once a year. The reason why your forks are leaking is because they are probally in dire need of servicing. Your forks are saying, "please service me, I'm hurt and bleeding. Please for the love of God service me!!" Your weight is about right for that bike though. If you spend the $$ to have a suspnsion tuner tune your suspension to your skill level and the way you ride, you'll be the happiest camper in the world. It'll feel like a whole new experince. Well worth the $$ in my experience.

Check out the Race Tech website... the 04' is sprung for a much heavier rider than this (they claim 210 lbs). I am 182 lb in my gear and had to re-spring (lighter) both ends of my 04'. Mine was way harsh until I had them re-sprung. The suspension is plush like a velvet couch now. BTW, take the good advise to service the forks and shock once a year whether you think it needs it or not.

lol i took my suspension in to a local dealer told them im a intermediate rider and ride motocross like tracks they basically set the sag and that was that i was hopeing my bike would of come back "plush like a velvet couch" but it was the same hard to handle stiff shit heap it was only a little better .....


I got the same shizznit from my local dealer too. Everyone should do themselves a favor and take the &^%* things to a good local suspension guy (just look around at the track the next time you are racing). They are generally guys that race also and actually know what they are talking about. I am a Vet 40+ novice, 5'11", 183 lbs with my gear on. I am running a .46 kg/mm spring on the forks and a 5.4 kg/mm shock spring. I set my race sag to 102mm ( at the suggestion of ZR1) and got that "plush as a velvet couch" feeling going. :thumbsup:

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