Piutes 9/30 or 10/1

anyone out there interested in riding up in the piutes this coming weekend? ill go either day or maybe both.

kevin, you're killing me!

I have a group getting together at Landers Camp Fri thru Sun. Stop by ask for Paul I have a white Dodge diesel pick up and a 19ft Wildwood travel trailer. You are welcomed to ride with us....PB

I haven't made it up to the Piutes this year and it just happens that I have Saturday or Sunday available, but I don't think I can camp. Due to work I can't be sure that I can go until Friday night. I might be interested in a ride. What time?

Looks like the weather will be awesome up there this weekend.


funny you should post this weekend. I was just thinking of posting myself. I am going to try to make it. Rode out of Landers a couple of weekends ago, bit of a drive up there, I liked what we did better, staging at Sageland.

I have to clear with the wife 'cause I will be gone all next week, also I want to do the trail appreciation day Oct 14-15 - Little Dry Meadow, remember when we were up there? Hope it happens.


We will ride Sat and Sun AM leaving around 1000 each day

sorry, my internet connection has been a little sketchy lately, im heading out there now hopefully ill meet upo with some of you guys on saturday.

Looked like you might have got a little rain up there,how was it?

It was great

A little rain on Sunday

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