cocky quad riders

i went to the track the other week and normaly there are quads but they are normally cool but this time this guy pulled up with his kid with a big red honda 250 quad and his kid has a 125 import and for the first half an hour it was normal then he started doing constant donuts and send dust allover my goggles and i couldnt see properly, then his kids quad conked out on the straight so i decided to do a little wheely past him and he started saying to my dad "he is taking the piss out of my son" and shit like that but isnt sending dust allover the track and while im trying to race someone and i know for a fact he done it on purpose, i think maybe next time i mite just wheely at his dad instead lol

Holy run on sentence.

my brain hurts

my brain hurts

If your brain hurts imagine what his feels like.

"he is taking the piss out of my son" l

What does that even mean? Just remember, when you stoop to their level, you are no better of a person! It is something you just have to let go or ask track officials to take care of it.

I don't get it

Ah, I finally understand, thank you user profile

I thought they spoke English in U.K.???

yeah that does seem to explain alot once you dig a little deeper....say no to drugs kid. :thumbsup:

Stream of consciousness induced by the weed smoking, periods, grammer, and spelling all slow down the thought process...the weed can't help either

He's 14 and ENJOYS smoking weed...holy crap! He shouldn't even know what it is let alone enjoy it. That explains alot. I hope both the donut-doin-quad rider and the weed-smokin' wheelie punk both get banned from the track. Then they can go spark one up together!

Huh? :thumbsup::lame::p

ATTENTION: The inevitable has happened. Quad bashing has spread across the Atlantic!

WOW! just WOW!

Ah, I finally understand, thank you user profile

I didn't think pitbikes could do that to you!

He did make a good point though.

And that is, it is BS that these dudes do dooughnuts for 5 minutes throwing dust and gravel all over everything and everywhere.

It's the same mentallity of guys on jet skis and such!!

They don't care about anyone but them selves!! :lame::thumbsup:


November 5, 1992


i like pitbikes and smoking weed

This explains everything.

You mean to tell me you went dirt bike riding and someone was kicking up dust?



It's the same mentallity of guys on jet skis and such!!

I didn't know we bash jet skis too!!! Sweeeeeet!!!!!!

Here, I'll get 'er going...

No helmet either...

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