YOSHI or DRD help please

This is exactly what i want to know! I love the sound of Yosh coming with the spark arrestor. I need that for if i ride trails. But then again everyone says the DR D is the best. So lets hear it!

100% satisfied w/ yosh s/o--- c/f

( no need for full system- use stock titanium header )

>>> also 50t rear/ quickshot-- that's all it needs

- w- or w/o s/a

- w- or w/ o xtra silencer

15 minutes to install/ 3 minutes for s/a-- silencer

replace sticker once- $5 from yosh--- brand new again

- pulls better/ longer in each gear

- basicly I use only 2nd/3rd for most tracks

- I sometimes will put my silencer in just to mellow out the bike, depending how I did in the first moto/ track conditions

****also the carbor fiber can looks sic :thumbsup:

my ride....

thats decided it carbon slip on it is

I have both, the trc and the DR d. Both are full systems, Hands down the Dr D is the best! It widens third gear so far that you don't hit the limiter as much. :thumbsup::lame:

The yosh system was better than stock but revs out quick requiring you to shift more.


Any idea were they sell the Dr.D? don't think its to well known in swe tho. Hook me up :thumbsup:

i had my heart set on the yosh, but everyone that has run both yosh and dr. d seem to like the dr. d much better, this has changed my mind and i'll be picking one of these up now, thanks for the input

you can Dr. D at Appliedrace.com

thnx :thumbsup:

Any idea were they sell the Dr.D? don't think its to well known in swe tho. Hook me up :thumbsup:


motorsport outlet has DR.d also :thumbsup:

rocket exhaust, best pipe i have ever owned www.mxtime.com , he'll hook u up

Dr D. widened the entire power range on my 06 from bottom to top, plus, it pulled forever. Unelievable difference. For the price and what it does, it is unmatched, by any brand, and it isn't aggressively annoying (loud).

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