Changing Front Wheel Bearings

Can anyone give me some infomation on changing front wheel bearings.



remove wheel from bike. remove dust covers. heat hub with propane torch or heat gun to about 400F(the grease will start to bubble when the temp is right-dont heat the bearing itself, only the durrounding material) using a punch or hardwood stick, drive bearings out far sides by tapping around the inner race edge-once things loosen up the edge will get bigger but to start with you'll only have about a mm to hit so a sharp edged punch works best. Clean seats, reheat and install new bearings (same both sides, different sizes but same method for back) by using the old bearings or a large socket or a bearing driver to evenly and gently hammer them until they seat (the sound will change and they'll stop moving).

There is a spacer between the will need to knock the spacer down a bit so you can tap out the bearings from the opposite side. You will pretty much destroy the bearing while hammering it out. Put the new bearings in the freezer so that the metal will retract for ease of installation. I use a socket that perfectly matches the diameter of the outside lip of the bearing. Lightly tap the bearing in with a plastic mallet until it is flush with the hub lip. Then grab the socket to seat the rest of the way....

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