10-1-06 Sunday ride

Ok, where's everyone wanting to go? I'm pretty much up for anywhere.

I'd love to hit PAX if my wrist is in shape. I'll know Friday when I take the brace off.

I can't make it anywhere this W/E, but what about you try Bartow (somewhat of a different flavor track and has spots reminiscent of Bithlo's back area) or maybe go up to Hard Rock (different all around).

Don :thumbsup:

I've been to Bartow and love it, just wish it wasn't a 2 hour drive but, a 2 hour drive is normal for me. I'm not up for making a 3 hour drive to hard rock and wrecking my good soft terrain tires.


As usual no one was listening to me (I stated I had a new set of wheels with I/M Maxxis tires if someone needed to use them), of course I was talking to Brian at the time.

Don :thumbsup:

I heard yea. I don't like using other people's tires and wearing them down.


"I don't like using other people's tires and wearing them down." Now that's just funny!!!!

The only track at HR that would do "major" tire damage would be the Roller rocker (GP) and that still would take a lot of riding to do it.

Don :thumbsup:

The only way I could go this weekend is if Don will start my bike. After 2 years I guess I need to do some engine work. Not sure where to start. Any ideas?


How are the valve clearances?

I have no idea. I don't think it is to hard to check.

It's easy to check and shim if needed. If the valves are getting tight, that would cause hard starting.

FYI - I heard Bartow changed their layout about 2 weeks ago and was really cool.

We're thinking about checking it out Sunday.

Alright, that's 1 vote for Bartow.


Bartow may be cool too, can we cast two votes?

You can do whatever you want.

Have you gotten your tires in yet?

Should be here 2-morrow. I tried the wrist a bit last night, seemed in good shape. I am going to keep it braced until Friday and then go to Bithlo in the p.m.


Bring your bike to Gainesville. I will adjust the valves for you and get it running right. You just have to buy the shims.


I would be up for Bartow if it is on Saturday.


It didn't feel like the valves (I know when they go and you still had compression and not extreme compression if vavles were real tight, mine was like kicking thru butter) and I still think its in the carb (remember when I cranked it and I pulled on the hot start lever it did absolutely nothing and you should hear a sound change). But hey what do I know :lame: .

Do I get to vote if I'm not riding????

Don :thumbsup:

What exactly is the bike doing? Just hard to start? Once it is running it runs okay?

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