Grand Traverse Trail

I am planning on riding the Grand Traverse trail on Oct. 7th (after riding Tomahawk on the 6th). Two questions:

1. Regarding the trail head on Supply Road, can anyone offer driving directions from Kalkaska to this trail head?

2. How is Loop 1 and Loop 2 of the Grand Traverse trail? Can anyone compare it to Tomahawk loop B?

Thanks for any input, Larry.

Answer to #2:

There's no hills, it's not as tight, there are no street legal requirements.

Jeramey, are there any decent hilly sections at all on the Grand Traverse loop, not just on Loop 1 and 2? Would you consider this trail as fun or challenging at Tomahawk for some high level riders?

I can help on question #1...

Go south on US131 from Kalkaska to South Boardman. There is a blinking yellow light on 131 and a gas station on the left (east) and a resturant on the right (west) just after the intersection.

Turn right at the blinker.... this road becomes Supply road. You have to go several miles (7-9 miles - can't remember for sure) and the parking area will be on the left right by a two track. It's marked by the DNR.

That area of the trail (loop 1) is twisty with some hills, the southern loops are flatter.

Another option you might want to consider is to keep going south on US131 and ride either North Missaukee (right where US131 turns to expressway), or Long Lake or Missauke Junction (down at the Boon Road exit - Cadillac).

Of the three, I think Missaukee Junction might be the best.

To get to MJ, get off at Boon road, turn right. Go to the 2nd light (old US131), turn right (north). Go two miles to 30 road, turn left (west). Go 3/8 miles, parking area is just over railroad tracks on right.

To get to Long Lake, get off at Boon Road, turn right. Go to the 2nd light (old US131), turn right(north). Go 3-4 miles until you get to Long Lake road, turn right (east). Go 2-4 miles to parking area on right.

To get to North Missauke, turn right on old US131 when US131 turns to expressway. The sign will also say M42 West. Go about 1/4 mile, the parking area is on the right.

Compared to Tomahawk B, GT doesn't have hills. Now that's not to say there are no hills, because as CTDT attests to, there are some hills on the GT system. Just not a hill compared to Tomahawk B.

The GT trails are pretty fun, some sections are pretty new and extra tight yet. Definitely worth the drive.

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