Valves/spring set

Any suggestions on what brand valves and spring set to get, and where to get them? I am looking at replacing my stock ones and I am not to fimilar in this department and just want to know any opinions on what to buy and what not to buy. Thanks

The Kibblewhite seem to be pretty popular.

I have wondered the same thing. Went to the CRF250 forum & read horror stories about the Kibblewhites though. Maybe OEM is best?

If it were me, I'd go ALL OEM parts. You know how long they last, you know they're good, So stick with em.

My $.02

You both have a good point, maybe OEM is the way to go. But I am still open to more suggestions, got a lot of time since I don't have the money to get them yet.

Kibblewhite valves with stock springs. You don't want the kibble white springs, the spring pressure is a bit high, unless you're goign with a race cam, which I did not do to my engine. I've heard from many that Kibble white valves will be the last ones I'll ever need, so I bought them.

Kibblewhite valves, R&D springs.

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