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i just sold my xr100 and moving up to a rmz250. its a 2004 and its got a white brothers pipe and brand new valves. my question is what do i need to do to take care of this bike? coming from a xr i have no idea how to take of these bikes. THanks

Change the oil every single ride and keep the air filter clean. Check valves like every 10-15 hrs or so(it only takes like 15 min to do). I use the shell rotella 15w40, only 8 bucks a gallon at walmart. And don't rev the piss out of it.

how do i check the valves. should i rum premium gas?

ya run premium... read the valve checking sticky in the kxf forum

u dont have to change the oil every single ride but make sure u do it regularly...very regularly. and dont ride it like a 2 stroke thats the only reason people have problems with these bikes

thormx33 just curious how many hrs do you usually go between oil changes? I'm new to this bike so I've just been changing it after every weekend at the track(usually ends up being about 2- 2 1/2 hrs of actual ride time and then i change the filter every other oil change.

well yeah i do it after every weekend if i ride both saturday and sunday but if i ride just once a weekend i will let it go till the nex time

sorry for all the questions but is there a way to tell the valves need to be checked or replaced? (loss of power or something?)

If it doesn't start easy check them... just take off the gas tank, valve cover, take out the two plugs and use a 14mm socket to get to tdc, then check, .007 for the exhaust and .004 for the intake

the rmz250 is a sweet bike, they run hot tho i have one, make sure to run engine ice and get yourself a feeler gauge to check them valves. Clean/ oil the filter every single ride and change oil frequently. Use a synthetic oil, 7th gear works good as well as maxima or any other major brand. Use 20w50, not 10w40 it is too thin, unless you change it every single ride...

dont run engine ice....run ziptie waterless race coolant:thumbsup: that stuff will never boil over....NEVER

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