Can't get TTR-125L to idle without choke

I had a problem with fuel coming out the overflow tube on my bike. So I cleaned out the carb and removed the floats and needle and seat and cleaned everything and put it back together. Now when I run the bike I can't get it to idle. It will start fine and idle with the choke pulled. The bike will also run with the choke off if you are appling throttle. Basically the bike runs fine except for not running at idle with the choke off. I have messed with the idle screw and that does nothing. Could it possibly be the floats aren't letting enough gas in the bowl for pilot jet? Please Help

It sounds like you're not getting enough fuel through the pilot circuit. After cleaning everything you may have gotten some hidden gunk lodged in the pilot jet. Clean the pilot again or replace it.

get a bigger pilot...if its stock, thats like a 105 i think, get a 110

Another vote for clogged pilot jet here...

Those symptoms you mention are usually a dead giveaway.

It's either that or you tightened the fuel screw too tight and broke off the tip in the hole. But I've never heard of that happening to one of these bikes.

If you still have stock jets, now would be a good time to at the very least install a 17.5 pilot jet.

I just tore the carb back apart and removed the Pilot Jet. Was unable to see through it. I used a torch cleaning wire and it woundn't pass through it. After awhile I finally got what was stuck out and the wire passes though and you can see through the jet now. Only thing left is to test it out.

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