Street mods for Dual Sport

The more I learn the less I know. I had some preconceptions about mods to a Dual Sport to make it more streetable, as I intend to use it for commuting and will only use it infrequently on hard-packed playa in the desert. Some feedback suggests that my ideas about suspension were wrong so I'm seeking more info. I've changed to 80/20 street tires and I'm considering a gearing change. What other changes are recommended?


Progressive springs made a world of difference in my dual sport. I don't know what kind of bike you have, your weight, or what you'll usually carry. Progressive springs in the forks kept the factory softness over freeway expansion joints, while having enough to take on bigger hits and jumps offroad.

My topcase is great for commuting. Nothing like throwing your stuff in and locking it up. I have a Givi E45, but JCWhitney has a similar case at about 1/4 the cost. I would never off-road with the top case on, however. Too much stress on the subframe and rear rack.

Hand guard wind deflectors help to keep the wind chill down on cold days. Heated grips would be better, but I haven't gotten to that yet.

A larger windscreen that provides effective rain protection.

A tank bag for easy access to items you may want without dismounting and pulling the key to unlock the topcase.

Auxiliary lights are nice for foggy mornings and extra light at night. I went with some Optronics off-road lights and a relay.

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