Do I need a windsheild

I am taking a trip to Florida from Michigan in early November. I was asking questions about getting a heated jacket and gloves (which I recently ordered) and someone strongly suggested a windsheild to aid in keeping me from freezing.

I looked at an aftermarket windsheild but it bolts to the stock headlight shroud. I have a Cyclops headlight and it looks like I'm going to have a hell of a time fabbing up my own windshield.

The question is: Do I need a windsheild?

I've had the Cee Baileys for almost as long as I've had my bike (3 Months) .. I didn't know if it was really doing much until I took it off. Now I feel like I'm riding with a concrete block on my chest and its pushing me off the back of the bike.

I can't ride under 50 degrees with out shivering (and I have plenty of insulation) and buees and butterflies keep getting caught in my jacket.

There was a guy that built his own DRZ seat that had a nice aftermarket windshield. His was more upright than the Cee Bailey and attached to the forks.

Do a search on windshield in the DRZ forum and the thread should come up, it will say something about seats in the title but look down the thread.

If you are going that far, that time of year, I would definately have a windshield, it will make the miles that much easier.

Check the power consumption on the jacket and gloves. THe stock stator only puts out 200 watts peak and the headlight takes 55. If it is legal to get a headlight cutoff in the states you are riding in that may help during the coldest times.

Decent plastic handguards may keep the wind off your hands too.

Thanks. Im searching right now.

I ordered a thermostat with the heated stuff so I will maybe have to keep it set low to reduce the draw.

Ya I've got handguards.

There are plenty of people that ride bikes without windscreens. I'm sure it may make it more comfortable, but you certainly don't "need" one.

How many miles you plannning to do a day? Are you taking backroads at 65 or highways at 80? [i'm thinking the faster/longer you go will determine if you would be more comfortable with one.]

PS - You do realize there could be snow in Novemember right?

heated jacket, good. Gloves, good. All you need now is some heavy pants, and get a face mask to wear your helmet over, it really helps you keep your chin from freezing and falling off. Mine is black with a hole for both eyes, thin but isnt to insulate, it breaks the wind. Really helpful. I wouldnt go for the windshield, waste of time in my opinion with all that cold weather gear.

Can I ask why you are going then. Why winter than spring or summer?

I would install a windshield not just for the cold but for the fatigue factor. That's an awfully long way to fight the wind, even if it was the middle of summertime. Just my two cents...

Windshield definitely adds to the comfort and fatigue factor. That is why I got the Kawasaki Voyager. Way better than a car.

Im not trying to badmouth at all so dont get me wrong, but with being so concerned with the cold, the wind, and whatever elso your area is throwing at you, is it even enjoyable for you to ride a motorcycle?

My guess is the first 1/4 of the trip will be a little cold, once you get in the South it should still be pretty warm. Florida will likely be in the 70's-80's depending where you are in November, perhaps even hotter in Miami.

I've had the Cee Baileys for almost as long as I've had my bike (3 Months) .. I didn't know if it was really doing much until I took it off. Now I feel like I'm riding with a concrete block on my chest and its pushing me off the back of the bike.

Have a friend that did the samething and said the samething. Kind of wierd because you still get a lot of wind, but I guess you just forget it was worse without it.

I'm putting it back on for any ride over 10 miles. I got a 2006 blue shroud and didnt want to dril it out just yet. i have some blue vinyl for the 05 white shroud and i will keep it attached to the shield once blued. Only takes 3 bolts to change the shroud, 4 for the shield and the spacers always fall down into the headlight area.

I guess I have moditis.

BYW, full handguards will keep hwind and rocks/bugs off your knuckles, with al the vibration mine get numb pretty quick.

Never saw and Enduro/Dual sport with a shield? Look at Any KTM Dual Sport over 525, KLR 650 has 2 sizes of shield, DRZ 800 Paris Dakaar, and EVERY BMW ADVENTURE BIKE!

Guess that guy is too hooked on MX. Try riding 3-1/2 hours some time. Ride back with a windshield and you will understand grasshopper.

Summer is just as bad as winter without a windscreen. I rode from

Dallas to Kingman AZ in one push in August and it was like hell on earth. It felt like a 100,000 watt blow dryer on high heat was in my face for 15 hours. Man a windscreen would have been the cats pajamas even if I threw it in a dumpster when I got done riding. find one and get one for long high speed rides.

I have decided to get a windscreen for sure.

The Cee Baileys is nice but it attaches to the stock headlight shroud which I do not have anymore. I think I may get one anyway and just modify it to fit the Acerbis Cyclops shroud.

I tried to make one myself today. I bought some Lexan from Lowes and heated it up with a heat gun. Unfortunatley it got all warped and deformed. I am gonna try again tommorrow but when I heat it up this time I'll make sure it is on a flat surface till it gets very hot, then try and bend it. When I did it today I laid it over the Acerbis Cyclops shroud and heated it up and it was very deformed afterward.

Like I siad I may just buy the Cee Baileys and modify it. Thanks for all the great info so far keep it coming.

When I first got my Parabellum windshield, I thought I'd only run with it on in the winter but now I ride with it on all seasons, for many reasons but mostly comfort. I also have saddle bags, I use them for packing convenience when I gear up for weekends camping or fishing. I ride mostly street during the week commuting and take it off most weekends for trails. It's only 4 bolts and about 4 minutes to remove and store till Sunday night when I'd put it back on. I think the DRZ makes a great DUAL SPORT.

forget the windshield..... make a really pointed helmet to direct the wind around ya!!!!! or just do a wheelie all the way there.... the under side of the bike will shield the wind from hitting ya!!! :lame::thumbsup:

I made a windsheild today. I took a bunch of pics and will be posting soon on how I did it.

It was a pain in the ass and doesnt work all that well. It needs to be pointed a little higher to redirect the wind over my head. Also it seems very thin. I can't remeber the exact thickness of it right now but it seems very flimsy.

I may even end up buying a Cee Baileys and modifying it to fit my Cyclops headlight. I saw a pic of someone who did that and it actually looks pretty good.

Make sure some of the wind hits at least the top of your helmet, otherwise you will get really bad buffeting.

Hey on the Parabellum windshield what size did you get the 20-22-24"?

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