bought an 06 crf450... who makes the best exhaust? track rider/glamis

i picked up a new 06 a few weeks ago and i have been looking at buying a new exhaust. who makes the best exhaust? i can get a deal from yosh and on my 02 450 the yosh was worth it.

ya, call Dave. He'll make a pipe to do what you want it to do. And he'll fix it when you bend it up too...Yosh do that for ya?

Honda makes the best exhaust for the CRF 450. Save your money.

dont waste your money on an exhaust. Unless you can use most of the power of the bike (which I doubt), spend your money on more practicle parts, for example: Skid Plate, Rad Braces, tires, suspension, even entry fees. If you still need the bling factor, im really happy with my White Bro.s Aluminum pro II. Its a great exhaust, VERY VERY good quality.

the yoshi rs-2 is awesome! put one on my 06 and damn!

FMF factory 4.1

i hear great things about yosh all the time. i love mine, and everyone i know loves theres. ive seen probs with fmf, and white bros. never a yosh.

2 words, MRD Racing Dave will custom build to your needs/wants/likes. :p

Another vote for mrd, Dave is awsome. :lame:

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