any Info on delivery date yet?

I know the dealer show was this weekend so Iam just wondering where the 450 is Iam getting really tired of waiting and hearing the same thing over and over. Iam just about to go back to Red this Kaw thing is really sucks the dealer told me Aug. now its going into Oct. and no bike or info. What are the rest of you hearing?

You should of listened to everyone here. Your just going to drive yourself nuts asking the dealers. They will be here in October, any sooner and your lucky. If someone had one or even saw it at a dealer they would have posted already.

I had heard september before but as of this week the dealer is saying October, maybe even November.

For all you guys new to Kawasaki, they always release in October after the dealer show.

Unless they decide to move up the release in response to Honda and Yamaha going early, it will continue to be October.

Just think, by the time we get our new scoot, the other guys will have theirs half warn out and ratty looking.

Was that to "glass half full"?

Worn-out and ratty looking .... I've noticed some of these bikes look that way much faster than the Kawi's too. Speaking of which, I was noticing my son's '06 KX250F is looking a little worn these days, but it sure has been a good bike for us and some new plastic will have it looking new again. Why isn't this on the 250F thread, you may ask? Soon, there'll be a new one in the stable and a big brother as well. That wouldn't have been possible with the brand X bike we ran the year before. The money we saved on maintenance this year is nearly enough to buy the new 450F. :thumbsup:

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