2006 TC 250 Clutch noise in neutral


I am in the process of breaking in a 2006 tc 250 Husqvarna. At about

75 miles of riding the engines sound fine. At speed with the clutch engaged there is no noticable noise. However when the Husky is stoped and put in neutral with the clutch lever released the clutch makes a rattling sound. When I pull the clutch lever in just a small amount the noise goes away.

In comparison to a KLX 300, KTM 510, or a Honda CRF 250 the Husky's clutch

sounds very noisy.

What is going on?

Standard Husky racing clutch behavior. I freaked out about that noise after buying my 2004 TE250, and I found out from several folks and the dealer that this noise is totally normal. You're fine. :thumbsup:

i would have a look under your clutch cover.perhaps a bolt is backing out on the outer plate that is on the front of your clutch basket.no gasket will be needed.dan.

Thanks for the help

I took bike into the dealer and he listened to the noise. Moore and Sons in Santa Cruz.

He said it had to do with the helical gears, and every thing was fine.


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