05 450exc, 200hrs...am I crazy?

Been researching buying a street legal enduro (new ktm's, huskys) but also considering used street legal bikes. I have read all the BS about plates getting revoked, etc...

I am not really worried about getting a plate pulled as I have not read of an actual person having this happen (just "my friend knows a guy who got a letter")

My question to the experts is this?

I found a local 450exc 2005, but it has 200 hrs on it...$5600, I have always bought new bikes so I know I wont be STOKED with a 200 hr bike, but not ready to drop 8-9 grand on a new ktm/husky. SO is 200hrs a lot for a used bike?

When the registration on the plate is up, will I be able to renew?

You can't go by the hours alone - what is the bike's condition like overall? 200 hrs at 10 mph in the mud would use up most bikes. If it was ridden down country back roads at 40 mph by an old man, and meticulously maintained, it should be in great shape. You have to judge the condition and maintenance history. These are well built bikes but the valves and rings do wear out quickly, esp if the bike isn't well maintained. Overhaul is not a big deal, but it's always best to know exactly what you are buying to avoid nasty surprises.

I wouldn't shy away from a RFS with 200 hrs on it, but I sure would want some professional mechanical checks and info first.

As far as renewing the plate - that depends on where you live. Usually, once a bike is street titled it stays that way forever .... unless you let the tag expire. Then you may face an inspection, and things can get tricky with dual sported dirt bikes. Read up on the problems owners are facing in Kalifornia right now.

John Davies

Spokane WA

The engine will most likely need (at the least) intake valve replacement soon.

depends on how it's ridden i'd guess. i've had my fe550 for 6 months, and it has over 100 hard hours on it. the valves have been only the tiniest bit out of spec when adjusted. the bike looks pretty much new, even tho it's all hard off-road miles in nevada and idaho. only been crashed once tho, at about 10 mph.

i have a 2003 525 and not shure of the hours but its got a lot. the only thing I've had to do is adjust the valves acouple of time because it was running shitty but like that other guy said look at what kinde of shap of the bike is in

I paid $6500 for the same bike two years ago and it was brand new. You might take into account the cost of accessories, but $5600 for a bike with 200 hours of unknown maintenance would keep me looking a bit longer.

My '05 450 EXC only has about 20 hours on it and about $2600 worth of off-road and dual sport goodies on it. I'd still be lucky to sell it for $5600. It's better than new, WA plated and barely broken in.

Oh, yeah, it's not for sale.

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