cr 85 fouling plugs

My sons 05 cr85 is fouling lots of plugs it is a new bike for him so he spends a lot of time in the lower rpms. Is a smaller pilot and dropping the needle one clip enough??? thanks for you thoughts. Jerry.

Yes, drop the pilot one or two sizes and go from there, you might have to adjust the needle.

On the 2005 cr85 Honda the needle that they came with It was to rich you should of got a updated needle? If you need the # I'll email it to you just let me know.

What your elevation?



Are you still running the 10 plug if so go to a BR9ES OR BR9EV NGK PLUG.



Thanks for all the feedback yes I am running the 9es and yes the bike came with a neddle and a new jetting chart.I guess I need to put that in. I would like that # if you have it. I am at sealevel to 500 ft max. Thanks again for all the help. Jerry

get 2 or 3 of those iridium plugs, those are the best for beginning riders on 2 strokes and will last much longer

proper jetting for for elevaton will help lots too

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