Wr450 weight

Can someone please tell me if the 2005 and 2006 WR450 is really 10 pounds lighter than the CRF450x even with a steel frame? I'm thinking about buying a brand new ($6000)2005 CRF450X but to try to take 10 pounds off it would cost me over $1000 so I may as well order the new($7100) 2007 alluminum framed WR450!


You can't go wrong with any of those bikes. Although I love my yamaha, the honda is a great bike also. I often ride with a guy that has one. Its never a problem, never broken down or stopped in the middle of nowhere.

So, get the one that is the best deal financially. They all will do the job just about the same.

Also, in my opinion, as heavy as these pigs are, 10lbs won't make a damn bit of difference.

I believe because some people do believe these bikes are heavy, ten pounds DOES make a difference, especially depending on where the weight is located. When I went from a 2.6 gal to a 4.3 gal tank on my XR650R I really noticed it on slow trails because an already heavy bike carried additional weight up top. When I had to pick it up off of the side of a hill in summer I certainly noticed 10 pounds.

If it was me having to make the decision I'd go with the 07 WR, basically because you don't hear about valves on Yammie & it's a new bike, the Honda is the same old same old.

The listed weight for the 06 and 07 Hondas is 250 pounds, If i remember right my 06 WR450 weighed in dry at 249 pounds, and the 07 about 248, not much of a diff.......

2007 wr450 246 pounds on yammy website

I don't think an alloy frame makes much difference in terms of weight, if any. Of course, the manufacturers would like you to think it does.

I'll sell you my 2006 wr450. Six hours total. Like brand new. Cycra handguards, throttle stop mod, removed ais, grey wire mod, air box mod, white bros. e2 pipe plus stock pipe, and a battery tender. The bike literally looks new. $5200. Let me know.


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