pics on how to properly install a yosh ti on a S/SM.

Nothing proper about that, It's on the wrong bloody bike, mine is still outside my house. :bonk::mad:

Nice clean job Eddie :lame::p

Neil. :thumbsup::bonk::eek:

So are there enough threads to put the passenger pegs back on? Or does that have to go...

you can reinstall the pegs.just needs a longer bolt.

I tried to do that when I put the E pipe on my SM, but it didn't want to line up without altering where the can lined up further back. I had a longer bolt to thread thru the footpeg mounts.

I'm currently running the setup without any bolts securing that section of the pipe. Just tight head pipe bolts, and the rear can mounting bolt is tight. The entire exhaust seems to have no play in it, but I'm probably hurting something with it mounted this way.

It is nice to know the yosh ti bolted up good. Money money moneey! One day when my divorce is out of the way, I might be able to spend the big bucks :-)

i mount any E pipe inlcuding the stocker the same way on S/SM.

i mount any E pipe inlcuding the stocker the same way on S/SM.

If I slide my stock E silencer forward enough to do that, the rear sub-frame mounting no longer lines up.

How do I get round that, as I would like to re-fit the passenger pegs, now I have a need for them.

Neil. :thumbsup::lame::p

I have the same problem as Neil, but used some washers to space the stock passenger peg bolt out enough to not touch the E pipe.

in the case of the stock mufflers i have done everything from making a simple bracket to fabbing a whole new mount to cutting the stocker off at the welds and rewelding it to the muffler.

definately work better with aftermarket mufflers.

Nice! This will help all of us who wish to install Ti pipes on our SM's! thanks Eddie!!1

Great pics!

I changed the installation of my FMF Ti-4 to this way and found two small problems.

1. As I am using the stock head pipe, I had to cut 1" off the FMF midpipe to make it fit.

2. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but the FMF Stainless midpipe rubs on the rear spring. Anyone else have this problem too?

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HI Eddie,

I did not see any referance to clearing the midpipe of the rear shock. Is this not neccissary? I have been reading other post and some people were talking about using washers or spacers to make it clear?

every bike is different.its a 50/50 deal.

Eddie what benefit would be putting on a 12" long yoshi can instead of the standard 14" yoshi can? I wanted to make the muffler look like its tucked in more. Im running a Ti TRC pro 14' can right now.

no benifit.will be louder.

Man, my headpipe must have been bent slightly different. I have very little room between the radiator, engine and headpipe. Everything else looks just like mine. Now if I can just get the money together for the stroker crank and 440 kit.:applause:

its not the pipes that differ.its the bikes.

radiator mounting holes are all different as well as engine mount tabs etc etc.

Now THAT is a nice looking piece of work. I don't guess I've ever looked at a bike with the Ti pipe...

Wow, that is exactly what I did, but no where close to how my ti system lined up. I made it work, but it's not as clean as yours. Maybe my system was just a little out of whack (or I may be out of whack).

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