Plated 06 in Oregon

Just got back from the DMV this morning and got my plate. I am very happy and I had no problems. They didn't even go out to check the bike, but I wasnt worried about that as I installed the BD lights and have my supermoto wheels on with DOT tires.

Now, I just have to remind myself to not get sent to jail jumping off of curbs etc...


Where in Oregon do you live? What DMV did you go to? What type of paperwork did you need to show? I live in Corvallis area and want to get my bike plated, I hope its as easy for me.

I went to the Tualatin/Sherwood DMV, I took my registration paperwork, proof of insurance and that was about all I needed.

I have some friends who live in Eugene who did even less and got their bikes plated. Mostly it is a grey area, and if you find an employee who doesn't want to do a ton of research, they are just going to hand you a plate if you have insurance and proof of ownership.


Don't be real surprised if you get a letter from DMV in Salem telling you that you will need to send your plate back because there was a mistake. It has happened to two differant people down here in So. Ore. One gent had a WR250 and the other a WR450. The problem is with the federal safety standards, or lack there of. Oregon has recently jumped on the "No dualsport conversions" bandwagon. I'm hoping that when my plate is due for renewal on my 2003 WR 450, that I am "grandfathered in" and can keep my plate.


I expect that anything can happen, but will ride it on the street as much as I can while I have it.

What is odd is that I called the Salem main DMV and spoke with 2 people who said it was not a problem as long as I could prove that my bike had all the necessary DOT equipment.

I heard that November is the cut-off before they start cracking down.

Either way, whatever happens does....

Pat's Acres is still close enough for me to go have a good time on the track.

When i bought my 03 450 a couple of years ago, i went down to the Corvallis DMV to get the title changed and told her i wanted a plate. She said "Is it street legal" and i said " Yes" and she gave me a plate. Have not heard of the dual sport problem but knowing Oregon it sounds like one of the stupid things they would do :thumbsup::lame:

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