110 rear tire

Is anybody using a 110 rear tire? If so what do you think of it. And has anyone used the 90/100 front? Andrew

I have 110 on my 230, there good but in the sand they are a pain in the ass! I didn't really feel the difference between 110 and 100 :thumbsup:

All I run are 110's on the rear and I love them. They last longer and have better traction IMO.

i thought that the 110's were a 450 tire??

I think 450's come with a 110 rear. But they have a 2.15 rim, 250's have a 1.85 inch rim. I'm considering useing the 110 but am worried about de-beading the tire rubbing the swing arm or just wasting time and money by chasing traction. Same thing with the front 90/100. Thanks for the input, Andrew

A 110 will work just fine.

A 110 will work just fine.

I didnt like it....... 2-3 HP loss and bike doesnt pick up the revs the same,there is a pretty big weight difference between the two and 250f already a little low on power....I also weigh 180 so if your light prolly wont be as noticeable

We tried one. It is not only wider, but its a little taller too, which changes your gearing. It seemed to drag down the power alittle. Bridgestone makes the 402A. Its a 110, with same diameter of the 100. It works very well. We ran the Dunlop 90/100 front. It will give your front end more bite(less washing). But its wider and heavier. It works better on tracks with flat turns and few berms.

couldnt you just go up a couple of teeth on your sprocket to counter the taller tire? this way you still get the same out of the corner acceleration and you get better traction to boot.... :thumbsup:

i put one on and love it. michelin starcross mh. my bike also has an athena big bore kit so i felt no power loss just great traction.

Tire will be more rounded because of narrow rim. So the bike will fall over in turns more. You probably won't notice it though.

Still, I think it's silly to do this to a 250f. Go with what the manufacturers intended.

i put one on and love it. michelin starcross mh. my bike also has an athena big bore kit so i felt no power loss just great traction.

I also like the star cross we have this tire and -2 teeth on the mod bike.

If you run the 110 you should put it on a 2.15" rim. Most of the SX Lites guys run the 110/2.15" combo for SX, but stick with the 100/1.85" setup for the outdoors. You should have a solid 39-40 HP motor to really pull the big tire setup. For hardpack tracks you can run a 100 on a 2.15 rim to get a flatter profile and better contact patch.

im runnin the 110 starcross with 13/50 gearing for out wide oopen sand tracks here in Boise. it grips really well...

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