3 ligament injury

Dr. Sanders,

I just got back from my surgeon and he informed me that I have an G2+ tear of the MCL, a complete tear of the ACL, and the PCL is heavily torn. (his words) Additionally he is noticed some possible post(something) corner damage. His remedial actions are to reconstruct the cruciate ligaments and rely on PT to build the quads to support the un-repaired bits post op.

He mentioned the scary bits of nerve damage, vascular damage, and potential leg loss when it comes to fixing the post(something) corner bit. He gave me 10% on the leg loss. Would you agree?

Given the above, and the mention of a 9month recovery, would you suggest taking bits from my own, or from a cadaver? How much does the PCL aspect complicate things?

Without seeing you, I couldn't comment.

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