06' 400s not keeping up!

I have an 06' 400s, yosh pipe, 3x3 mod, and 14/44 gearing. Its exactly the same setup as klx400riders 03' klx except for the pipe, he has a T4. Our jetting is the same but his bike will top out at about 100Mph, mine seems to run out of power at about 84Mph. when we line up were dead even until we hit third then he walks me hard. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hmmm.......did you say your buddy's got the same gearing?

Same everything except the pipe, and i was under the impression that that wouldn't make that much of a difference.

how much do you guys weigh?

I guess green realy is faster. Who wouldve guessed?

Both FCR carbed? Maybe the 2006 is Mikuni smog carb

Your 06 s should be 15/44, Just like my 06 s is and ya your right 85 about top speed, I think you can get a smaller sprocket for the back, but you can not go any bigger on the front, The kawasaki may have a 19 inch year wheel to that will gear it higher as well. One tooth on your counter shaft changes your the speed about 10 to 12 mile an hour one tooth in the back is very minimal. I bought a 14 for the counter shaft just for trail riding cause it gears it down a lot.

i am 14/47 with a mikuni and can go 92 indicated

I've got a '05 California bike with the CV carb, and the top speed is 100'ish, and something must not be right - your bike should be able to do it too..

Count the teeth on the sprockets..

the pipe makes all the difference.

I am a noob but could break-in make a difference? I am still trying to determine the best break-in method: motoman vs the manual, but from what I am reading, a well-broken-in steed would out perform a not-so-well-broken one...


Air filters the same and clean?

The yosh pipe is bigger, is it too big? My main jet is a 145, the other two are 62.5, and i think 25. We both run 14/44 and his does around 100, mine does about 85 with an equal weight person.

Hey Eddie,

I know your famous for the one liner answers but could you explain it a little further for us newbies? :thumbsup:

I'm no expert but-

There is no way a pipe alone is going to account for 15 MPH difference. There are several other things at play here.

I also find it curious that some guys can get 100mph out of their 'stock' DRZ's when others struggle to get 90. I especially find it interesting that guys with even lower gearing than stock are still claiming 100mph.

I wonder if some speedo's read more optimistically than others or if some 'E' motors(sans carb) got installed in 'S' bikes by accident at the factory.


I would concur that the pipe making that much of a difference seems like a stretch... although Burned doesn't normally make stuff up...

My "05 with 14/47 has been to 85 (gps not speedo; 5 miles an hour off) and it had more; But I don't know about 15 more. i was wondering about the air cleaner, too...

Your One tooth on your counter shaft changes your the speed about 10 to 12 mile an hour one tooth in the back is very minimal. I bought a 14 for the counter shaft just for trail riding cause it gears it down a lot.

One tooth on the counter won't increase/decrease your speed by 10-12mph.

if the slower bike is mis jetted and running the tec cork,you can rest assured that bike is way slower.

or vice versa.faster bike running correct jetting and open yosh will most certianly be way faster.yes even 15mph.

mine with the mods below tops at 92 on the rev limiter!!!!!!! My friends stock drz400, and xr400 with gorman mods, can't even compare in a race all though the stock z can hit over a 100mph and has the stock tires!!!!! Anybody with this gearing 14/47 and no rev box or cdi mod is full of it!!!!!!! I have ran it all the way up many times with different temps, wind, fog etc...., and its always the same. Up a steeper hill it wont hit the limiter in 5th only like 87-88 (And I mean fairly steep grade).

I would consider this a good opportunity to learn how to tune that blue bike :thumbsup:

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