Buying a Tachometer

I am looking for a portable, general maintenance tachometer primarily for my CR250 but will also use it on my other bikes and quad. I browsed the parts unlimited off road catalog and found a few options ranging in price from $45 to $150. Can any of you give me some insight on what I should look for and what to stay away from. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks


a lot of them dont go over 10k watch out for those

Check out a Kart racing website. The tachs they use go way beyond 10,000 rpm and can be set for 2 or 4 cycle engines. Most of them have their own batteries and just clip onto the spark plug wire so they are easy to set up.

You can order through TT but good luck on getting one quickly. They're new and pretty slow on getting them out so you'll probably be on back order for awhile.


What purpose is a tach going to have?

what is the RPM range of a 125/250?

125, probly up to 12k

250- probly up to 9k

250f- 13.5k

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