BR on Sat the 29th

Me the boy and JohnT3... Who's in.... Its my sons birthday on the 4th... so I figure a day of riding and a mini shopping spree at Dirt Gear seems in order!!!!


Ill go....anyone want to pick me up and drive me back from the University of Iowa?

Sure thing, I'll pick you up at 8:15. :thumbsup:

I will be there Sunday..... :thumbsup:

Ill go....anyone want to pick me up and drive me back from the University of Iowa?
Why aren't you in class. :thumbsup: You could be a nice guy and loan that bike to Matt. He's foaming at the mouth right now.

When is saturday the 29th... :lame:!!!!! :thumbsup:

1000 pardons!!!! I mean Saturday the 30th!!!! :thumbsup:

1000 pardons!!!! I mean Saturday the 30th!!!! :thumbsup:

I'm not responding to you dragongunner because you have not answered my pm. :lame::p

dont know havnt decided yet, mayb if i can talk my dad into takin me and if i get my parts, some how busted 4 teeth offa front sprocket last sat at BR :thumbsup::lame::p

4 teeth off your front sprocket? That's probably like 1/3 of them :thumbsup:

yah tell me about it, no idea how it happened :thumbsup:

kinda spaced out tho, thankfully, theres 3 teeth there, 1 missing one there, one missing, another 3 teeth there and one missing and another one there and another one missing kinda wierd... dont no how it happened :lame: i guess me n my cousin are prone to wierd stuff happening, he ripped his jersey at the shoulder seam, and hurt the outside of his foot just play riding... no idea how either happened. :thumbsup:

Sounds like some of the local women around here with all that teeth here but missing there stuff.

lmao :thumbsup:

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