Low end Bog

i have this low end bog wright when you crack the throttle what would be the reasion for this to rich on the pilot

while riding it?

sitting on the stand and coming out of corners is when i get the low end bog

i am having the same problem. i have gone up a pilot to no avail.

mine is at a 38 pilot and it seams to be the best but i have tried up to a 48

does the idle react to the fuel screw?

I have a 22mm Mikuni.... I think it is an air screw???

but No, it doesn't seem to react to screw adjustment when idling on the stand.

i was refering the original poster.start your own thread if you would like assistance.

yes it does react to the fuel screw

better or worse when hot?

i want to say better but i dont know 100%

try raising the needle 1 clip.

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