Ride report - camping/riding at Foggy Dew Rocky Mountain HIGH!

Let me just say this was the absolute best experience I’ve had on two wheels… (I LOVE MY TE250!!!) This last weekend I headed over north of Lake Chelan, Washington to go camping and dirtbiking with my friend from work Brian Wheeler and long time friend Rob Lutz. Brian Wheeler and I spent the last couple months preparing our bikes and going on training rides to prepare for the challenges we would face on this advanced trail system.

Day 1 started with a casual ride up FS300, and then on to trail 431 that headed up to Horsehead Pass. When we got to the top of Horsehead Pass, we climbed up on a rocky peak and looked out over Boiling Lake and Upper Eagle Lake. It snowed the days prior to our trip and that made the scenery breathtaking! We headed down the steep rocky switchbacks down the back side of Horsehead Pass down to boiling lake and stopped for lunch. Upon starting the bikes, after some bike adjustments on Rob’s bike, we headed through the Horsethief basin towards Deadman pass (gotta love those names :lame: ). Unfortunately that pass was snowed in so we had to turn around :thumbsup:. We retraced our steps all the way to camp and rested at the campfire after a good hard 40 miles of difficult trail. Brian Wheeler headed towards home because he was sick! Riding at 7500ft altitude is not exactly easy while sick…

On Day2 Rob and I headed up the Foggy Dew trail and soon encountered some trail maintenance volunteers blasting with dynamite. We sat in on a total to two blasts that day, and I’ll have to say it makes 4th of july fireworks seem boring :p:). We finally hit 5 down trees in one spot and turned around. Then we headed back up with a guy named Haywire and some other volunteers to clear the trail. Following that we rode up to Cooney lake (sweeeeet) and continued to meet up with trail 431 and back to camp. 37 miles of sheer fun and goodness.

The guys we met were all regular trail volunteers, and we were really thankful for what they do up there each year… If it were not for them, the trail system would not stay open to hikers, pack horses, and motorcycles.

Detail view photos: (Click on photo for larger view, then click “all sizes +” at top for full size view)


Needless to say, I’m already looking forward to heading back to this area next year… Next time we’ll go over Deadman pass, and hopefully do the Uno Peak loop. Perhaps we’ll camp off the bikes as well. Good times…

Breath taking stuff,we dont have mountains like that here.

Nice pics and ride report, thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

I have been meaning to make it up there for the last few years and never get around to it as it is a pretty good haul. Nice pix.


Looks like you had a most excellent adventure up there DWS. Very nice photos , good story. Thanks! 10-4 Ride , When? I,ll buy the gas!

wow, fantastic photos. I'd love to go some place like that :thumbsup:

Very cool ride report and pics. I wish my trip up there had been more fruitfull this past July.

BTW, did you take the Foggy Dew trail out of the Foggy Dew Campground? You have to ride about a mile or two of forrest service road before it begins. When I was there in July, the uphill areas had a lot of loose bowling ball sized boulders scattered about the trail. That made for some tough and slow going.


Yeah, we did the Foggy Dew trail (That was Day 2), the TE250 did AWESOME in those "Bowling Ball" rock fields - it goes straight through... no deflection or bouncing! Fun stuff.

Here are some 3D Google Earth images of the tracks from the ride:



"Falls" "Log" and "Meadow" waypoints were on the Foggy Dew trail.

Here are the tracks from the ride: (.GPX file)


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