1988 Honda NX125

Someone local (sort of) is selling a 1988 Honda NX125 for $500..... Im thinking about picking this up for something cheap to mess around on or even maybe for backroad riding... any thoughts on this bike? The guy says it has new battery, crank case, chain, sprockets, and brake pads. He also says it runs great.... Im thinking about going to look at it unless someone tells me these are terribly bad bikes

Buy it. I rode one once, and it was a fun little bike. I wish I would have bought it. It's not much of an off-roader, but will do fine on dirt and gravel roads and flat, dry trails. If it runs well, you can't go wrong for 5 Bennys.

how fast do you think it should go?

My guess,,,55-60 @ red-line,, probably faster than you really want to take it :thumbsup:

That would be a great little bike to run down to the store with, but don't get carried away,,or you might get carried away

Carmicael honda in Sacramento had one that had just been traded in for something else. We went to look at it, because the girlfriend was looking for a smaller sized DS. It hadn't been detailed yet.. so we called back a few days later.. They wanted $1200 for it. We laughed. That's a ripoff.. I think Kelly blue book said it was worth $300 to $500.

Not sure what year it was.. but for $500 dollars for a good running older bike.. I'd buy it too. Parts may be hard to find though..

have you checked out www.bikebandit.com ? They have almost all oem bike parts there. Seems like they have most for this bike too. i always order my suzuki parts there.

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