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Brand New Bike

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Just bought an '07 XR650L. I've only idoled it and drove up and down the driveway twice...the bike has less than a mile.

I really know very little about mods...just what I've read here.

I do know that I want to "uncork" the big red and get the increased power.

I'm pretty sure I'm not mechanical enough to do this myself...and will probably take it to a shop.

Should I do this before I break in the motor? or after?

Also, I bought the bike in Phx at elevation 2k and I live in the mountains at 7K....after Uhauling it up the hill and staring the bike would not stay idoling, so I fiddled with the idol so it would....are there other adjustments that I need for the eleveation gain?

Thanks...sorry for the newb questions.

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