water in exhaust

alright i washed my bike on sun. and didnt have anything to plug the mufflers with :thumbsup: and i think i got some, not a lot of water in the muffler i forgot to kickstart it to blast any water out and i cant go get my bike until friday (cant drive) my wuestion is did i do any harm to the engine?????

Take the mufflers off before you start it if u think u got that much water in them. Otherwise fire it up and let the heat get rid of the residue.

yeah it depends on how much water got it.

If an exhaust valve is open, prob'ly...

Unless you put water directly in the tail pipe, its not likely that you did much damage. Any residual amount of water wouldn't travel that far. I would get soaked up by the packing in the muffler (which by the way, is not good for it)

If you got a lot of water in there, you run the risk of rust on the inside of your pipe or on your valves, assuming its steel.

Remove the exhaust at the header and drain out any water if you are rally concerned.

I wouldn't worry about it too much if it was a small amount of water accidently sprayed in there.

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