Snowmobiles banned in N. ID

I was just a a store and saw the headline on the newpaper. How crazy can you get. Did any one stop to think that when there is enough snow on the ground to allow a snowmobile to oporate that the snow is too deep for the animals to survive and that the animals migrate to lower elevations where the snow is not so deep. Point being, the animals don't inhabit the same areas that the snowmobiles will be riding. We have a real problem with the managment of the NW corner of the state, first they introduced problem grizzlies from Glaicier Park, then they start closing roads and trails to protect the bears, then they make a wilderness to protect the bears and cariboo, now they want to close to snowmobiles. :p:thumbsup::lame:

Wonder how bad the helicopter the greenies used scared the caribou? Wonder how bad those cross country skiers scare the caribou and don't they leave tracks too?

Hmmm, things to think about.

I just read an article about this in one of our local Eastern WA papers . In fact it was the exact same article in your hot link. So you see that article was not reseached by the reporters for the Seattle Times. They just took it off the wire (Greenie wire) and went with it. It is amazing how biased the article was toward the tree hungers. It's like the only credible environmentalist in the world are Greenies. And implied that there are sound credible studies that support the idea that the animals will go extinct if snowmobilers are allowed in the area. They made it sound like there is no credible truth on the side of the snowmobilers. They made the snowmobilers sound like a bunch of selfish people who don't give a hoot about the wildlife. That all the educated smart folks were Greenies.

I'm used to this media bias though and do not expect anything else from the media.

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