what terrain is my track?

its in central NC. The corners are pretty sandy/loamy, but hard packed under the sand. it seems hardpacked on the straights, but its very loose in the corners, and the stock front tire on my crf250r is washing in the corner. ( i think its a 756 but not sure) I was thinking going with an intermediate on the rear, but i dont know about the front. what do you think? i know... stupid question


Prolly intermediate

Ask at your local bike shop, or the other racers at the track what are some good tires for the course/bike/rider.

That is your best option instead of vaguely describing to some people on the internet who have no chance of knowing the answer. You will be much happier in the long run if you ask some locals.


742 is stock... go with a 756.


Where do you live in NC? What track are you refering to?


Check your sag, that's one of the things for a bike not wanting to turn.

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