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Hatfield-McCoy Huskys

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Taylor and I went with a local TT group to Hatfield McCoys trails in WVa. Some of the best in the country! As usual, we did more riding than picture taking.

Our campsite was awesome.






This pic of Taylor is cool, too bad we didn't have a better camera. We were at twin hollow campground which was formerly a coal mine on top of a mountain. The mining company cut off the top of the mountain and it's basically just flat at the top. Really cool to camp there and watch the clouds roll in to the valleys below us. Every evening they'd pour over from the right of this picture and flow through the valleys like water in a creek.


That's me on the right


This trail was awesome. Hard to tell from the pic, but it's a ridge line trail - it runs right along the ridge line and it's is very steep on either side. If you go two or three feet into the green stuff it's straight down. Very easily could see a bike falling a hundred feet or more if it went off. Lucky for us nothing like that happend. This was the most difficult part of the ridge trail as it went pretty steep and rocky up this face. You can see a KTM stuck up towards the top. I think there were nine bikes and only one made it all the way up.... an old XR!. I did pretty good though, almost made it.


The rest at the top of the hill. It's hard work pulling up a bunch of bikes!


I thought I'd be something special with a street legal dirt bike - every dirt bike is street legal in this part of WVA. No need to carry a gas can with you, just drive right up to the gas station.


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