New baby arrived...cigars to everyone!


What else did you think it was?

I got this 2006 TE250 the other day for a private party. 600 miles, mostly street.

The guy meet me at Uptite and I had George give her a physical:


One valve a little tight but good compression. George changed the oil, installed one of his skid plates and did the kickstand mod.

After his blessing we did the deal. Too good to pass-up kind of deal.

Street license, electric start, JD jet kit, smog removed and two pipes. :thumbsup:

So far I'm really satisfied. Plenty of power for me and I'm coming off a 04 CRF450. I'm 6'4" 235lbs. :p

The only thing that blows on the bike is the Eco-style rear tire. That thing spin on the asphalt. But its no big deal.

Only good times to come.


Congrats. Nice looking bike. My 450 has been excellent.


Congratulations! Is this your first?

I smoke Onyx Reserva cigars. Please PM me for my home address so you can mail me a box. :thumbsup:

Damn what a big baby! How big is momma?

Once you get that thing on the trail, you'll never look back. You'll want to check out the "2006 TE250 silencer mod for wicked low end" thread.


Nice bike.

Damn what a big baby! How big is momma?

Hah, gatta be a big one!

oh and PM me for my address :thumbsup:

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