Powerline GNCC Oct. 8

Anyone from here going? I'll be there. I am pumped too. I travelled to an out-of-state GNCC for the first time this past weekend when I went to Unadilla and managed to pull off a 4th place finish in my class (Open C). Hopefully I can repeat my performance and maybe even come home with a better finish than 4th. It will probably be another survival type mud run, not the most enjoyable, but I seem to do well in those conditions. :thumbsup:

im gonna go to check things out. never been to a gncc, probably not good for watching but i want to check one out and see what its like. thinking i might want to start racing in gncc type races.

GNCCs are great for spectating as long as you are willing to hike into the woods and find the good spots, either gnarly hillclimbs or nasty crap holes.

I wont be at that one but you should check out the ironman. the last round of the series. it is by far the best race of the series i think. i'll be there but i wont run open c, i run 250 four stroke c. hope to see ya there.

I doubt I'll make it to the Ironman. Unadilla will probably be my 1 road trip for a race this year. Hopefully, I can make it next year since my plan is to make it to 3-4 out-of-state GNCCs.

CBus congrats on your finish :thumbsup: . I never got to try enduro this yr and I'm not going to try GNCC yet but good luck. Nice dual sport ride Oct 14-15 in McArthur and I was told that the Sunday ride will be the enduro trail they ran earlier this yr.

I'll be in Vegas the weekend of the 14th-15th. Are you talking about ADR's June Enduro? If so, that course was brutal and will be a rather interesting route for a DS.

Hey CBus, good to see you are going to go again after the big mud fest. We will be at powerline park for sure and want to launch the Team ThumperTalk Off-Road pit crew.

I will post a Powerline Park thread in the TT Racing were you can sign-up to be part of our pit crew for Chris.

We will give you a radio, pit board, stop watch and pit crew shirt ( you get to keep the shirt) and have you help Chris with line selection and split times at challenging sections of the track.

The factory teams have guys out there doing this for their riders and it is a big help. If you think you might be interested, go to the TT racing forum and sign up. If you have any questions, post in the forum or shoot me a PM.

Thanks and hope to see everyone there. :thumbsup:

:devil: I like the flyer " fresh knobbies are a good idea". Sounds great we'll see you on the 29th

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