Leaking counter shaft seal. Help!

This should be a 10 minute job to replace this seal...however I am into it an hour already because the brown outer seal seems to be baked on. It is coming off in tiny little specks using a pick and needle nose pliers.

Any suggestions on a better way?

I use a seal puller. You can find them at any Auto store or HF.

They work great on pulling this type of seal.

Try to search. I think last year there was a few that leaked and was fixed with cleaner and film. May have been fixed in 5 min with film.

I once used two drywall screws screwed into the seal and then pulled off.

Sorry for changing the subject, flyred, but what is the part number of the countershaft seal? I have a 2005 TE510, and the parts manual just shows an o-ring, not a seal, but there is definately a seal on the countershaft, not an o-ring.

As far as pulling your seal, if you don't have a seal puller sometimes you can bend an old screw driver or something to pop it out with, sometimes a slide hammer with a screw on the end works. When they're really stuck you have to cuss a lot and drink a lot of beer. Make sure it's not light beer, sometimes that'll make all the difference.

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