Freetown MA

Hey all Im from the Northshore in MA and have heard that there are some really awesome and difficult trails in Freetown Ma. I often ride in Wrentham, and have been told to go to Freetown. The only problem is I don't know where exactly in Freetown and I dont know where a good place to park is. If anyone has information regarding these places please let me know on this thread or PM. I ride a 2 stroke and ride it respectfully IE no wheeling down the streets, parking lot racing, etc.

Some things are pretty difficult there. The got an old airport strip where you can really open your bike up

Yeah I have heard that it is pretty difficult there and I can't wait to go there. I live up on the northshore and have put together and an exceedingly difficult loop that I ride. I am very selective with who I bring up there because it is not something that you want unskilled riders to ride.

In regards to Freetown do they enforce registration? I am unregistered and have never had an issue anywhere that I go. I have never gotten a ticket and I don't want to start getting them either.

Do not go to Freetown without a plate, you will get a ticket! The trails are challenging, there is an 8 mile easy loop and a 21 mile rock loop.

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