Land use issues -NJ need your help

Here's the dilema. I've been riding on township property for a while now. It's a small strip of woods next to a small pond, at the fornt of my neighborhood. No one has complained untill today. He told me if I rode there again he would call the police. He didn't complain about noise but about soil erosion, and how I was killing the tree by exposing the roots.:thumbsup: This is guy is a tree hugger, seriously. Before i used this small trail for ptibikes we used it to make bmx jumps. He would come and destroy them.

Any ways, I need to find out more about state and township rules concering whether or not i'm allowed there. Or maybe if i'm allowed to get permission from the township to ride there.

Any one have ideas or familiar with land usage issues in NJ?

Should be able to look up any laws, ordinances or covenants either on line or down at the local government offices.

New jersey is a bunch of #%^#!#$%@. You cant ride on any state land/park. It sucks.