Jetting for 2006 CRF450 w/RS-2


I was just wondering if anyone could help me find jetting settings for my 450.

I can't seem to fine any that would really pertain to my bike setup. It is a 2006 pretty stock with a yoshi RS-2 comp series exhaust system. Any help would be great.


how does it run?

It seems to have real poor throttle response, and seems to run alittle lean in the midrange.

better or worse when hot?stock jetting?

Well, It seems to run a little better when hot but it is not that dramatic. It is stock right now, yet I did have a dynojet needle(set at 4th from top) and a 160 main with the mixture screw at stock(1.5). That set up seemed the worst.

so what main jet are you running now?

I am running a 168 main

raise the needle 1 clip.

Hey Eddie,

I tried raising the needle one clip and it seemed to run real poor. I just started to play around with settings and I think I may have found some thing pretty close. I am running the stock needle in the 6th position from the top, 160 main, and mixture screw at 3 turns out(I am thinking of going with a little larger pilot jet). Let me know what you think of the setting. Thanks

you lowered the needle.

6th position is raising the needle.

have you done the pilon jet confirmation tests in the sticky thread at th etop of the forum?

What I meant was I raised the needle to the 5th then the 6th. Anyway, I am going to go get a 48 pilot today to see how it runs. I see a lot of guys running 175, 180 main. What do you think, I mean I am going to other way with the 160 main.

Thanks again

those guys either have no clue or are running a different year bike/needle.

just so we are clear,you should running the stock need and stock 168 main jet.

the 160 is only with the dyno jet needle becuase it has avery samll end demension.

i do not recomend the dj needel.

Well, Right now I am running the stock needle in 6th position with the 160 main. If I put the needle in the 5th position and stock 168 main it runs really poor. It bogs in low rpm and stalls out after letting off the gas from full throttle.

what elevation?

I many ride socal desert that is around sea level. Yet, I would say anywhere from 0-2500 feet.

have you tried the 168 main jet with 6th clip?

no I have not, I will try that and let you know. Thanks for all your help

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