mightn be moving up to summit county colorado, are there any tracks near by?

well, i might be leaving maryland and heading out to summit county colorado(frisco, breckenridge, etc.) or somewhere really close. i was wondering if there are any good tracks near by or what, hopefully moving into a house with some acreage so i can have my own track, but want something real to go to everyonce in a while and what not. i might have to sell one of the bikes for a snowmobile though, something to ride in the winter.anyways, anyone live out this way and are there any good tracks, i know there are some in denver, or atleast i think, but 2 hours is a pretty far ride.

No tracks in summit county I know of. The Thunder Valley track they have the national race on is probably only an hour from Brek so that might be your best bet.

now that i think of it, isnt the thinder valley track near copper, if so thats where well be moving prolly because thats where my parents(well moms new job is gonna be), just wondering.

now that i think of it, isnt the thinder valley track near copper, if so thats where well be moving prolly because thats where my parents(well moms new job is gonna be), just wondering.

No, Thunder Valley is at the west side of Lakewood, a western suburb of Denver. It is about 1-1/4 hours from Copper Mountain. The next closest tracks in the Denver area are probably 2 hours from Copper.

You are looking at about 60 miles of interstate highway between Copper Mt. and Thunder Valley. Its not a bad drive unless you attempt it on a weekend during ski season.

You'll have a lot of trail riding (when the snow melts) right out your back door so you may want to consider that as an alternative to track riding.

yea, well i was thinking it was going to be a distant ways, not to bad by next year when i have my license, but for now, when we get our house, it looks like ill be building a track in the backyard. im getting a bobcat(since i didnt want to move, she said she would get it, but its not jus for me) and im hoping to make a pretty decent track out of that. do you think i can make a decent track with that.

when i lived in frisco there was a track and stuff out by the dump in dillon. I am not sure if its still there since its been 6 years since i lived up there. if youre a younger kid still in school, ask any of the big maintenance guys at the schools (not the janitors, just the maintenance lol) about riding areas. i know kevin still works there, and i think kim and hunter do too. theyll be able to get you pointed in the right direction.

The local Colorado racing organizations RMXA (AMA)and SRAC do not support any motocross tracks in the mountains and they probably never will. All are at lower altitudes, mostly Denver and Colo Springs areas. The only motorcycle races ever in the mountains was the AMA Supermoto in Copper Mountain, the winter ice racing series in Woodland Park, the Pike's Peak Hill Climb and Steamboat used to have a vintage only motocross with only 1974' bikes and earlier. However there are several (RMEC)enduros and a few trials events.

both the srac and rmxa are ama organizations, and have been for 3 years now. there is no more supermoto at copper mountain anymore either, i think because it was impossible for them to jet the bikes at 9100'. seriously the best thing you can do up in frisco especially is buy a mountain bike and spend a ton of time on it.

Isn't there a track in Grand Lake that the RMXA races at? Either way that would be about as far as going to Thunder Valley

i believe they used to have a sx in granby, but since their sx series went away, i think so did any racing there.

There is a primitive track near between the dump and the graveyard on the North side of HWY 6 going to keystone. It isn't bad and there is singletrack all around that same area that you can explore. The track can get pretty rocky and skechy but some guys who ride there alot rake and shovel and keep it pretty nice. There is a rake laying on the right past the whoops usually to rake the rocks out. There are also some decent gap jumps on top of the hill near the track. Otherwise Thundervalley is 1 hr away- Berthud is 1.5 hours or so away. I live right outside Keystone and am always down for riding with new people. Email me (LangeXR@aol.com).

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