2004 450R oil problem.

A friend helped me check the valves on my bike. we removed the tranny cover bolt (the big one where you open to get into the inside to crank the cam shaft). Oil gushed out of there. I dont remember over filling it to the point where it was that full...

I snapped a valve cover bolt and the bike sat with all the valve cover bolt holes open. I put a tshirt ontop to prevent dirt dropping in. I live in a beach city and was wondering if maybe thats the reason i had a white thick film (look like someone rubbed one out into the oil fill hole) on the engine oil view window. Not covering the whole window. just a streak. Big problem? or maybe just condensation from the humidity that got into my engine from the top?

Also when my engine is off the oil level is a little below full... Yet when i have the engine running i dont see much oil film on the view window. VERY VERY VERY minute... like you spray windex on the window once and the streaks roll down... a little less than that.

no one?

When moisture contaminates oil, it turns it into a white emulsion. Might be some condensation built up in the engine, from those damp beach nights? Check that your breathers aren't blocked.

thats probably what the white film was...

but, what about the oil view window problem? I hardly see any oil running on the plastic window when the engine is running.

not seeing oil is ok when the engine is running... just shows you that the oil is pumping.

agree that you cant see oil in the sight glass when the motor is running. I would double check your radiator level though just to make sure water doesnt enter the engine through the cooling system (guess this could happen for the crf? - more car skills here compared to bikes). Otherwise check your breathers, dont stall in water and change your oil.

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