any opinions on Wr's new competition?

I think it looks pretty sweet but will reserve judgement until I hear some reviews. seems kawasaki does a lot of things yamaha is doing for their 07 models or vice versa. Good to know there is competition but personally I would stick with yamaha for a few years until kawasaki gets the kinks worked out.

Looks really good. Sounds like it's light too.

competition like this is great. it forces every company to make improvements to their bikes. i know most of us wouldn't mind losing 20lbs of bike weight.

we could all probably lose 20lbs of gut weight....

I am anxiously awaiting the Kawasaki 320F (or whatever cc it is going to be) with electric start and a light. :thumbsup:

I've nver been a fan of green, but I must say this 450 may get some attention.

And competition is never a bad thing for consumers.

Notice how they never listed the actual weight though, and a 35 watt headlight don't sound too bright for my midnight cruises......

Gee, it only took Kawasaki eight years to make a copy of the Yamaha.

No more new bikes for me unless it is a plated dirtbike.

Who cares if its green, red or blue if we can't ride it.

Did anybody else notice that nowhere in that article did it mention what size / type of "carb" it will have? :thumbsup:

Possibly it won't have one??

Things that make you go...hmmm!!!

No more new bikes for me unless it is a plated dirtbike.

Who cares if its green, red or blue if we can't ride it.

I have to agree with this comment... I really like the newest Kawi but with KTM and Husky both being dual sported it's gonna be a tough sell to buy anything other than street plated off road bike. Don't count the 2008 WR450 out yet, they just might be plated... I think that's where our sport is headed.

Kawasaki traditionally has ranked behind Honda and Yamaha in quality. This would not be a bike to buy its first year out in my book. That being said, it is always nice to have choices - keeps the manufactures from getting lazy and we the consumer win in the end.

to qoute my buddy on this, "thats not compitition its a pea on wheels"

Nice to see them get into the game again. I saw an "artists impression" somewhere of the new Suzuki also. It will nice to see all of the big four Japanese builders involved as it will only help competition and keep updates more I suspect they care more about competing with each then with the euro manufacturers. :thumbsup:

I hope it restarts after a stall easier than the KX!!! Both of the last two HS I've raced I've seen two DIFFERENT KX450 riders sitting on the course kicking their brains out to no avail. maybe the redesigned cam and auto decomp will help.

The brand name... color preference game doesn't register with me. If a bike feels good... runs good... handles appropriately and is reliable... why not buy it... regardless of color... if you can afford it?

When I bought my WR new... it was the best bike on the market... for me... at that time. If KTM or any other brand had a bike I thought was the best bike for me... I would of bought it!

Well, I am very brand Loyal, Must be blue 4 me........

The article mentioned low end and mid-range power. Looking at the low swooping header confirms that. I'd like to ride it when it comes out. That picture also makes me want to convert my 06 headlight to the 07 WR headlight.

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