Will seat for an 'R' model fit an 'X'?

Just bought a 250X which has had the seat height lowered by chopping some of the foam out. Being 6'3'' I would prefer the standard seat height. There are a few 250R seats on eBay at the moment, anybody know if these would fit or do I have to get an 'X' specific one?

Any help appreciated


The R complete seat will not fix the X. The X has a cutout on the bottom of the seat for the battery. :thumbsup:

If you can get the r seat for cheap use the foam off of it and replace the foam or even just add to the existing seat foam on the x. Get a electric carving knife and some Elmer's aerosol spray glue and go to town. Take you time because it's hard to put it back on once it's off.

Thanks for the help guys, things are never easy!! :thumbsup:

Still on the lookout for seat/foam. anybody know if the 450x seat is the same?


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