a rattle after getting off the throttle

I just had a question maybe someone has a little insight into. I have a 05 yz 250 two stroke. After snapping the throttle while sitting on it's stand, or whenever I let off the gas after a straight there seems to be a little rattle that follows. I was thinking it was in the motor but I'm not sure. Could be the frame? Just curious to hear if someones heard the same. Thanks

Go over your engine mount bolts and tighten them to spec. If your not sure if its coming from the motor or not, try going over all the bolts on the motor and if none need to be tightened, check your clutch / brake levers and see if they are the cause.

Could be lots of other things as well so just go over all the bolts you can if the above doesnt do the trick.

Let us know if you pinpoint where the noise is coming from.

My '05 yz125 had the same problem but believe it or not it was the washer on the pin that holds the rear brake lever to the pump

Levers like to vibrate and make that noise....

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